How To Use – Hidden Tricks Inside Of Twitter Application On iOS And Android Phones You Didn’t Know Yet (Updated)

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We may also change your account setting to Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive so that future posts are marked accordingly. We may label the media as being potentially sensitive, or in the case of live video Twitter, remove the content entirely. “Twitter won’t censor Trump’s rule-breaking tweets, but it will make them harder to find”. But after blocking the article, Twitter was blasted by Republicans for censorship. Many conservatives — including Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio and Ms. McEnany — reposted the piece to bait the company into taking down their tweets or locking their accounts. What is really happening here is that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is cynically taking advantage of the tragic and chaotic events on the Capitol to secure his company’s dominance.

And worldwide, 12% of people use Twitter as a news source. That puts Twitter behind Facebook (36% worldwide), YouTube (21%), and WhatsApp (16%). While Facebook dominates in North America, Twitter takes top spot in Japan, with 64.1% of social network users onboard.

Thoughts On social Media Bans Are About More Than Just Free Speech

” Dorsey defended his decision not to delete the tweet by noting ‘its relevance to ongoing public conversation.” He did, however, block all users from engaging with the tweet except to post a comment. Watching his counter punches land on the President’s Twitter feed never failed to unleash a dopamine hit, but this time the buzz was fleeting. Twenty-nine minutes later, the writer’s account was suspended when a hate speech detection algorithm flagged his “stroke” post for breaking one of the so-called Twitter Rules. The way he remembers it, February 8, 2020 was like any other day. It started off with strong drip coffee and a toasted bagel followed by a quick scan of the Los Angeles Times and the usual social media procrastination. He was scrolling through the president’s Twitter feed when this post caught his attention.

Of course, President Trump wasn’t making a legal case in his weekend tweets. He was merely ramping up the public pressure on an industry that has proven time and again that such pressure works. It was, after all, the fear of being charged with censoring conservatives that led Facebook to fire all the human beings who decided which news stories made it into its Trending Topics section. It’s the fear of accidentally suspending conservative politicians that has kept Twitter from automatically banning white supremacists from the platform, the same way they ban ISIS operatives.

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It would have been about “corrupt elites” and swept under the rug if Twitter and Facebook hadn’t gone Full Ministry of Truth in one fell swoop. They’re locking down the accounts of not only established media organs, but members of the Republican judiciary committee, the Trump campaign, and the White House press secretary. At least he had the nads to call out people who were suppressing the story. Even if it was week tea, he was on the right side of the censorship issue. Try putting up a free speech sign in you business that freely says “No blacks or homosexuals or democrats will be served”.

  • Scott Stump has been an award-winning writer for since 2011, producing news stories and features across the trending, pop culture, parents, pets, health, style, food and TMRW verticals.
  • Facebook announced Thursday that it would be suspending his access until at the least Biden’s inauguration with the potential for it being extended indefinitely further.
  • We might, however, keep a Tweet that has violated our rules available behind a notice and limit engagement when we think it’s of public interest to do so.
  • This is not a case of forcing the New York times to publish a front page article of my liking.
  • and be exposed to liability like any traditional editor and publisher that is not an online provider.” According to Trump, Attorney General William Barr will now begin drafting legislation that could “just remove or totally change” Section 230.
  • That’s why I sometimes endorse motivating the House and Senate with cannon fire or artillery.

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